Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mama was a hunter!

From a herd of prospective goats, Mama goat was "hired" over several other goats because she seemed to have a much more intelligent look in her eyes. She stayed with us as a hired hand for more than a year. She was a dual-task worker: her jobs were to clear out the blackberry bushes and provide goat's milk.

She performed her duties with a diligence that was second to none! But Mama wanted more.When we took the dogs out to hunt for pheasant, she just had to go; if left behind she would pitch a fit and throw a tantrum! Mama thought she was one of the dogs, and she was therefore entitled to hunt.

On the hunt, Kimberly, our German short hair champion hunter with pedigree papers, had to put up both with her side-kick, Jerome, and Mama. Jerome was a stray male dog that wondered in one day, and decided to stay on. He loved Kimberly dearly! So, when it was the right moment for Kimberly to flush the birds out of the bushes, Jerome didn't mess with her. Mama on the other hand, had no such tact. She blew it every time!

Kimberly would point, stand at guard, and then when it was just about time..... Mama would yell "behhhhh behhhh!" and click her heals. She always knew something was going down but wasn't quite sure why there was so much intensity in the air. She refused to stand still and be quiet.

Poor Kimberly, she really was an excellent hunter and smart too! Mama was an even match however and usually got the better of things.

Next blog I'll talk about Mama getting arrested, hauled away in a police car and on her way to "the station". I promise to come back more often! Where are the rest of the goat story tellers?

Billy Bob! Without the belt buckle!
These are not photos of Mama. These goat photos were taken in Switzerland last year. Mama is from my younger years....Alas, I have no photos of her.


Anonymous said...

Oh now, you can't keep me hanging about Mama getting hauled away by police. I'll be back.
I love goat stories.

Daniel Owen said...

My family used to have goats. Right little terrors! Whoever said goats will eat anything? They're the pickiest animals I've ever had.

Goat milk is actually very good once you get used to it -- I had it in my tea every morning (though it doesn't go so well with cereal). Goats are good at scrub-clearing as well.

Give me two goats and three pigs and I could turn any badly overgrown woodland into the New Forest!

jccleofe said...

I love that chicken on top of the goat :-)

Twinville said...

Good ole Mama! She secretly was trying to rescue those birds from being caught! hehehe