Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I love goats!


I am looking for funny goat stories. They are mostly for my entertainment. You see my family had a goat when I was a teenager and there are some good stories about her. I'll begin to tell some soon.

More importantly, I want to hear other goat stories! I love goats and I know they are good for a laugh! Plus I am going to raise goats soon so I want to know more about them, but in a fun way.

Please send me your goat story so that I can read it, post it and share it with others too!

I am developing another blog about gardening and a website too. The blog is up and the website is close to launching. My blog truly is just that, it is my web-log.

This is the beginning of my adventure in small space gardening and eventually moving to a bigger farm in Costa Rica. You can follow me in that endeavor ( it will take a few years to happen but I'll write entries of where I am at with all of it). The objective is to have the small farm to grow food and have Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

But that is not to say that I don't like just Nigerians. I love all goats!!!!!! So please send me your stories! Thanks everyone!

You can stay with me on my other blog: http://blog.food2gro.com and help me out here on this blog by collecting goat stories. Pictures are good too! I won't submit your goat story anywhere else! I promise! I just want a place to come to for good goat stories!

Good goating!

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Sue said...

Is a story about a sheep close enough? It COULD have been a goat. Many MANY years ago, my parents took our family to Scotland, among other places. We were driving in the beautiful countryside and had stopped to look at the views. A sheep came wandering over and we made friends by sharing these absolutely delicious flaky lemon filled cookies (I still remember them).

Couldn't you have maybe one sheep too?

Jubie said...

Hi Sue, I know about sheep. My grandmother had a sheep farm. Um, I guess you could tell me about your sheep-possible-goat encounter.

And thanks for stopping by. I'm really neglecting my little goat blog. I have two others and a site I'm about to launch besides doing my day job!

I appreciate collecting the stories! Thanks again! Talk soon! See you on BC!

Nadia Giordana said...

I love goat too--don't know why, I suppose it's because they make me laugh. I'll be back to read some of the stores.

Nadia Giordana said...
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Twinville said...

I love the idea of this blog, and you are a terrific story-writer.

As new goat owners I don't have many stories to tell that are unique and funny. As time moves along, hopefully I'll have a few to share.

Jeunelle Foster said...

Wow, being a Capricorn myself, after reading this blog on Goats, it's given me a new perspective and we all know how Goats will eat anything.
Love your blogs, well done.