Saturday, June 14, 2008

How Mama destroyed Bro's Image

Bro was a hard worker and earned a pretty good paycheck as
a teenager. Of course all that backbreaking hard earned money had been reserved for his top priorities....girls and cars! He lavished over both!

Mama loved Bro as much as she loved the rest of us. But I think she had a special kinship with Bro, after all he was the one who milked her everyday. "Beeehhhh! "Beeeehhhh!" Those were Mama's words of content.

I clearly remember Bro spending time on the road with babes in the car on his time off from work or school. During that time, he was truly in his element! Time on the road however, meant testing the testosterone behind the wheel. There were times where he just felt the need for speed and had to put the pedal to the metal. The cops used to say "Bro, you will run out of money before we run out of tickets!"

One of his prize possessions was his AMX. Wow.... did that car impress the babes and intimidate other speed racers who might be thinking of the remote possibility of conducting a speeding contest! (Conducting a speeding contest = drag racing. I thought I'd provide a definition for us laypersons.)

He had just had the car freshly painted with a metallic blue for $99.99 at "E.S." (Some of you will know where that is and remember that price. Even then it was cheap cost-wise and paint-wise too!). Metallic blue at that time was a new thing and and we all marveled at how metallic paint shimmered in the sun.

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Bro pulled up in the driveway of the old farmhouse with a cheerleader babe in tow and his shiny, newly painted AMX and parked the car. He explicitly let me and Dad know that the paint was still wet and not to disturb the vehicle. Bro went inside the house with his babe to let the car dry in the sun for awhile before the big cruise for the evening.

Mama was curious as to all the hoopla and wanted to check it out. Plus her milker was home and she always liked to let his babes know that she was the dominant female in the equation. These were still the days when we could not keep Mama in her pen if she really wanted out. So, Mama chose an opportune time to escape and check out the surroundings. Bro's car was there and this time Mama decided she was not going to let him drive off without her. Mama was probably planning on sitting between Bro and the babe in the car for good measure and to make her point clear about being the first female in Bro's entourage.

Mama proceeded to walk up on the hood of the car and down the other side and did that a few times until she found a comfortable place to perch herself on the vehicle. It wasn't my turn to watch Mama so I was not to blame. Dad was also distracted while Mama was trampling up and down the vehicle.

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I can still hear the ringing in my ears from the formidable shouting that day. "Mama!!!!! What are you doing on my car !!!", Bro shouted. Other words were thrown in too and I'm sure you can imagine the rest. Mama's hoof prints were all over the freshly painted car and a big spot where she was laying had come off the car and onto Mama's hide. The shrilling sound of Bro's yelling got the dogs barking, Mama bleating and Dad and I rushing over to assess the situation.

Once again Mama got what she wanted. How could Bro go out cruising that night with the newly painted metallic blue finish full of hoof prints and a big spot where Mama stood her ground? Bro had to take his babe home right away. The babe did not want to waste anymore time figuring out how she was going to socialize for the evening now that Bro's car would not be escorting her on a cruise. Bro had no other recourse but to stay at home that evening. Mama was happy knowing he was nearby the pen and that he would be up bright and early the next morning for the daily ritual of milking! "Beeeehhhh! Beeeeehhh!"

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It's been awhile since I have posted! I hope you enjoyed the story! I'm waiting for more goat story contributors! Tell your story right here on the Got Goats? blog! I will help you to facilitate it! As always....
good goating to all from blog monitor and writer of the Mama stories: Jubie


Solar Garden Lamps said...

Good story! They are destructive little beast at times (when they are awake).

Mine are keeping my grass too short in our back yard. We attempted to split the yard up with a fence in order to give it a chance to grow. Our first attempt was a 3' fence.......and then a 4' fence.....and now a 5' high fence. Both of our goats can clear the fence from a standing jump!

How in the heck can a 18" tall (+/-) goat clear a 60" fence?

BillyWarhol said...

Gosh lemme guess somebody was Painted Blue + yer Bro was Blue in the Face!!

oh yoy*

always loved those AMX Javelins*

;)) Peace*

~Static~ said...

LOL! At first I thought Bro was a goat. I'm a little slow sometimes...

Ah yes, the Earl Scheib paint service for $99.00 those were the days.

I suppose the moral of the story is to park your freshly painted car in the garage or the goat will destroy it.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I remember the Earl special too!
Poor Bro. I guess Mama was a little blue also.
Good story. I don't think I have one to beat that!

Twinville said...

ROFLMBO!!! Oh my! That was a very very good one.
Naughty Mama, but that was her man. Thanks for the hilarious visuals.

InlandEmpireLiveMusic said...

That is a funny goat story!!

rarestone said...

Arent they just sweet! I love goats. My firend has a pet goat called Lily and me and Lily have bonded really well. I have some fun pics with her..
There is a joy which I get when I look at animals, there are a wonderful work of art. Glory be to God.

Anonymous said...

I think goats are the cutest. We always visit the little goat farm on Centre Island in summer. It's a place for city kids to enjoy farm animals.